Something Is Better Than Nothing

Let me start by saying if you have never exercised on an elliptical machine it takes some getting used to.  Also, I am not a certified fitness instructor.  I’m just an average person sharing what works for me.

Rule #1- Pay attention to the changes in resistance, up or down.  Up is a bit easier because it just slows you down.  Down, on the other hand, can throw you off the machine if you aren’t careful!  There you are working your butt off against the resistance and all of a sudden it goes down, meaning you don’t have to push as hard, but meaning your body suddenly pushes hard into less resistance.

Rule #2- Don’t use the arm poles, or whatever they are called, if you don’t have to.  You get a better workout if you use your balance muscles by not holding on to anything.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t grab them when the resistance drops, you weren’t paying attention and you are about to be flung to the floor.  Or simply if you need them use them!  It took me a few times before I could let go and we all have to start somewhere.  Not holding on can just be one of those things you work up to.
If you want to add to your workout wear velcro ankle weights on your forearms.  Only 2-3lbs, no more.  You’d be surprised.

Rule #3- Focus.  Looking down, to your right, left, up can really throw your balance off.  I usually focus directly in front of me or on my phone sitting on the control panel.

Rule #4- NEVER EVER lean backwards.  Your life will come to an abrupt and embarrassing end.  Unless you’re home alone and then never mention it to ANYBODY.  If they didn’t see it, it didn’t happen!

Rule #5- I don’t care what the pre-programmed workouts tell you to do; this speed, this ramp level, this resistance, this distance.  If you aren’t ready don’t do it.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t push yourself at least a little bit.  How else do you progress, after all.  But if you’re having a bad day or didn’t get much sleep the night before, who cares if you don’t get in as much distance today as you did last week or burn as many calories.  At least you are on the machine doing something.  Good for you!

So the words of wisdom for today are “Doing SOMETHING is better than doing nothing”.  Kind of plays into the what you can when you can mentality.  Good luck!

About the author: Karsilama

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