Drink water.  Jazz hands.  Say your name.

I drink a lot of water when I exercise.  I’ve actually had a fitness instructor get upset with me for stopping to drink water.  Not the water part but the stopping.  She went all drill instructor on me saying I needed to push through, which if you know me didn’t go over too well.  Well, you know what?  If I’m thirsty I’m going to drink.  I’m not talking about guzzling water, cause that’s not a good thing while working out either.  Just what I need when I need it.  So there’s that.  Drink water and don’t pay attention to the drill sergeants.
Sometimes while on the elliptical I forget about my hands.  I can get intense focus on my legs and my hands can get a little stiff.  So I try to remember to shake or move them every once in a while.  Jazz hands people!
In order for your workout to be effective you have to get your heart rate up, right?  But you also have to be able to “keep up” with what you are doing.  A good test to see if you are in the middle is saying the phrase “my name is (your name)”.  If you can get that phrase out without taking a breath AND it’s still a bit difficult (in other words, you still need to be working hard) it lets you know you are at a good middle point.

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