Do You Want Tea?

OK, to start off this isn’t really fitness related but I thought it was very important to get our there.  And besides, this blog is about managing life and what ever it throws at you so here it is.  I’m sure by now you have heard about the college swimmer that sexually assaulted a woman and how he was only given 6 months.  We won’t go into it but suffice to say it has spurred a lot of discussion, most of it really good.  That is where this comes in.  Today I came across this video, and while I laughed quit a bit while watching it because it really is funny, the end point is perfectly and succinctly clear.  So feel free to share this video with as many people as you can.  It may just change someone’s life.

Check out this site for more info:


Here is another good blog post about rape culture:


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