After my son was born I managed to lose all of the baby weight.  Bonus!  But my body was different.  A different shape.  Then after a while I gained some weight back.  I’m working on losing it but it can be a struggle.  I think the most important thing was a change in my outlook, especially towards my body.  It’s not like I was giving up or anything.  I just had to get over society’s expectations, what is ingrained in all of us, of what my body should look like.  I’ve always thought I had pretty good self-esteem but it wasn’t until I started belly dancing that I realized that I, too, was caught up in the thin is better movement.  There was something about belly dancing that made me more comfortable in my own skin.  Then after pregnancy my mindset overhauled again.  It took some time and lots of self-pep talks but now I’m just plain proud of the fact that I grew a human being.  Spending time with my son is more important than worrying too much about the size of my jeans.  My experiences changed me physically AND mentally.  And I don’t worry about that bulge at the beach any more.

Hmmm, advice:  Want to lose some weight?  So do I!  But I think there are way more important things in life than obsessing over it.  So I guess I’m going to repeat myself; do what you can when you can and forget the rest.  Be comfortable with who you are.  Society tends to drag us all down into the dumps when it comes to body image.  Be YOU and the best YOU you can be!

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