Level 1

Our elliptical machine has pre-programmed workouts, 30 minutes each.  Nice because I can start with one and work my way through harder levels.  Bad because they seem to get pretty hard pretty quick.

No problem!  I just don’t care what the machine tells me I SHOULD be doing, I do what I’m capable of.

The first time I did level 1 I thought I was going to die.  No kidding.  Now it looks like a walk in the park.  But it took time to get there.  A looooooong time.  Like holding my abdominal muscles while working out on the elliptical.  I seriously thought I would never be able to do it and then one day it just happened.  Now it’s almost like I can’t exercise without holding them in!

I am currently on level 3.  You may be thinking that’s not really much of a step but I spent a lot of time on level 1 playing with the resistance and ramp options.  Which kind of made the workouts a little more fun when I could mix up the options mid-workout.  If you can insert a little fun into your workouts do it.  That’s why I started belly dancing in the first place, after all!

Maybe I’ll start on level 4 next week…  I’ll let you know!  😉

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