A Week Off

OK, it’s been more than a week.  7 to be exact.  But that’s OK because I’ve been dancing my booty off getting ready for performances and I started a new cardio belly dance program that I really love.  I’ve incorporated it into my belly dance class rotational series and have even been asked to teach it at a local studio near the house.  I use common belly dance moves, yoga, stretching, balance, floor exercises and some general fun stuff in the program.  No reason why I, and others, can’t have some fun while burning calories!

So far my belly dance students have really enjoyed it.  It’s not so hard you can’t follow along but it will definitely make you sweat.  It’s designed to include modifications to make it more difficult or easier depending on your fitness level.  You can even do it with small hand weights.

I encourage you to mix things up in your fitness routine by incorporating some dance moves, yoga and anything else that interests you.  Do some snooping on YouTube for music that moves you and create your own cardio program.  Or, join me at the Cora Bella Dance Studio in Somerville, TN on Saturday September 10 for TWO promotional classes; 2pm and 5:30pm.




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