Living Life and Loving It!

Wow!  I’ve been neglecting my duties as a blogger.  Sorry about that.  But guess what?!  I’ve been busy.  Busy living life, finding new forms of exercise, teaching belly dance, performing belly dance, Christmas and the New Year has come and gone, everything.

Before my son was born I joined a kickboxing gym.  I really enjoyed kickboxing.  I even did it the first couple months of pregnancy.  Believe me, it’s not for everyone but it sort of gave me a much needed frustration outlet.  Once the morning sickness kicked in (pun?) I stopped going.  But I was lucky enough to buy a used bag and some mats from the gym before I left.  It took a while (uh, 3.5 years) but we finally got it hung up in the garage.  I’ve been kickboxing 2-3 times a week and I LOVE IT!  I missed it.  Sure the elliptical is good, too, but the bag is so much more physical.  I put on some heavy BPM music and kick/punch my way into a sweat drenched frenzy!  If you’ve never tried a kickboxing class, and there is usually a first free one at every gym, you really should check it out.  Be prepared for sore muscles and even a few bruises from round kicking the bag.  Good ankle supports can help with that.  You might surprise yourself, though, and actually enjoy it.  My mom’s still not convinced and my husband isn’t interested but oh well.  With the weather turning nicer it’s great to be able to open up the garage door and my son can play outside while I exercise.  I’m even trying to get him to punch the bag.  It might lead to that karate class I want him to take.  We’ll see.

Aside from leading life and loving it I always try to keep in mind my health goals.  I’ve been drinking more water, sticking to my exercises, trying to eat less (it’s the effort that counts, right?!).  I’m not too concerned about how thin (or not) I am.  That shipped sailed a long time ago.  Would I like to loose a few pounds?  Of course!  But I’m actually pretty happy with who I am, physically and mentally.  It’s a good place to be.  The world would be a better place if more people could get there.  I’m not untouchable by any means, I still have down days.  But tomorrow will always be better.

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