I’m Drowning!!


Drink water.  We hear it all of the time.  8-10 glasses each day!  (that’s about 64 ounces total)

But there is more to drinking water than just… drinking water.

What if I told you the time of day you drank it made a difference.  Or even how many glasses at certain times of the day.  And don’t forget drinking more when exercising.  Would it change your perception, encourage you to drink all of that water after all?

1- Drink water first thing in the morning.  Forget the coffee!  At least until you get to work.  You should drink two glasses of water first thing in the morning to help wake your body up.  You’ve gone a good 8 hours (I hope, at least) while sleeping and your body is dehydrated.  Your brain needs water, your muscles, skin, all of it!  Drinking those two glasses in the morning will replenish what you lost during sleep and get you going.  P.S.  Drinking tea counts as part of your water intake.

2- Drink a glass of water before each meal.  OK, this one is a bit more about not eating too much but so what!  The water will help fill your tummy a bit, help you to eat less and aids in proper digestion.  And, helps you get to that 8-10 glasses a day mark!  That an automatic 3 glasses for 3 meals.

3- Drink a glass of water before getting in the shower.  It can help lower your blood pressure.  Amazing, isn’t it!  If you take your shower in the morning that’s one out of your two morning glasses.  If you are like me and a take your shower before bed it gives you more glasses for your daily quota AND gives you a water boost for your long night.  If you are a morning shower person add a glass of water to your getting ready for bed routine.  Drinking a glass before bed may reduce your risk for stroke or heart attack.

4- Water from food!  Yes, you can even get your water from food sources.  That’s not an excuse to eat more, OK!  I like to have water heavy foods with me when I work outside or go on a hike.  It helps to break up the mundane task of drinking, drinking, drinking.  Cucumbers are one of my favorites followed by grapes.  Other foods to consider include melons, peaches, strawberries, citrus fruit, green beans, broccoli, celery and tomatoes.  Cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, soup and oatmeal are other sources of water (though a bit harder to take on a hike or munch on while working in the garden).  You can even add those yummy fruits to your water to make it a more enjoyable practice.

5- Drinking before, during and after exercise.  OK, I know what you’re thinking.  Duh!  But it’s a bit more than simply drinking the stuff.  You have to make sure you get enough and at the right times.  Drink at least two glasses of water 2-3 hours before your exercise routine.  Drink a glass 30 minutes before you exercise.  Drink ~8 ounces of water during every 30 minutes of exercise.  Drink another glass of water 30 minutes after you exercise.  So for a 1 hour exercise routine that’s a total of 5 glasses of water!  Now that can’t be counted towards your normal daily total, OK?  That’s the extra water you need to rehydrate your body.  (OK, you count 1 or 2 glasses)  Don’t forget to add an electrolyte, too, for those intense workouts.

6- Water bonuses.  Drinking water does more than just rehydrate your body.  It can help you lose weight, helps your skin to glow, prevents constipation and generally makes you a happier person.  So drink up!

7- A few water stats:
75% of your brain is water
Water regulates body temperature
83% of your blood is water
Water cushions bone
75% of muscle is water
Water helps your body absorb nutrients
Water protects and cushions vital organ
Water helps to convert food into energy
Water moistens oxygen for breathing
Water helps carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
Water helps to maintain normal kidney function

So now that you are armed with water knowledge you can get all of the water you need during your day to ensure that you are healthy, happy and hydrated!

About the author: Karsilama

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