OK, OK, I’m not very good at this blog thing.  I can at least admit that much.  Life has been a little hectic lately.  Lots of dancing, which is great.  Performing on weekends and teaching belly dance classes during the week.  And the biggest of all, getting ready for TWO fundraiser events amid redoing the pop-up camper we bought a few months ago in time for our May trip.  Kickboxing has been put on hold.  The garage is a disaster zone of camper parts, camping equipment and whatever else we feel like throwing on top because the house has also been taken over!  Soooooo, my kickboxing bag is buried in the mix.

But have no fear!  I have been dancing so much lately I actually managed to drop a few pounds.  I miss the bag, for sure, but loosing is loosing and I don’t care how I come by (well, as long as it’s honest).  Ever hear of the flu diet?  I did that one when I was pregnant (food poisoning for me).  And while it certainly shed the pounds* it’s not worth it.

*Don’t worry, it was during the first few weeks of pregnancy so no worries about baby.

I’m also trying to be more active with my son, he turns 4 this month.  Fieldtrips, playing outside (especially now that the weather has turned and it’s not freezing cold or raining it’s booty off).  We spent yesterday pulling weeds in the garden.  Well, I pulled weeds.  Boy am I sore!  Today I pushed him on the swing and we dumped all of the weeds in the field behind the house.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Be active!  It doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym or train to run a 5K.  We live in such a world of lethargy it’s scary.  I’m guilty of it, too.  We all are.  But allowing the couch to become our monument to life is no way to live.  Find an excuse to move.  Lift small hand weights while watching TV (you can even still sit on the couch!), do situps or jumping jacks during the commercials (darn the DVR!), go for a walk, anything will work!

Don’t we all wish we had a gym like this?

Well keep dreaming.  If you’re lucky you have a treadmill covered with clothing like most people (our elliptical is covered in craft projects because it’s in my craft room).  The way I figure it if you spent the same amount of money on a gym membership and never went then you REALLY wasted the cash.  But if you buy a piece of equipment and use it every once in a while, even over many years, well you spent less than that gym membership and it’s yours forever to use every new years (or when that little spark to exercise hits you).  Either way it seems like a much better investment.

Invest in yourself.  That is what matters most!

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