At Karsilama Tribal Belly Dance we strive to offer the highest level of dance education in a positive, respectful, and nurturing environment.

Sağol (pronounced Ssaah-ole; thank you in Turkish), thank you for visiting Karsilama Tribal Belly Dance.
For some belly dance is a stress reliever, for others it is a social exercise.  Some students may decide to become serious about their dancing where others are content to spend their time in the moment.  No matter what kind of dancer you are or strive to be you are welcome at Karsilama Tribal Belly Dance!
Long work days, overwhelmed by children, time away from hubby.  Even if you can only spend a part of class time with us, come!  Have some fun, get some exercise, laugh, relax, be inspired!

Please see the class registration page for location of classes.  Classes meet at the Buckman Performing Arts Center or First Congregational Church.


Click here for class calendar and to register for class

Registration for class is not required but is certainly appreciated.

Introductory Belly Dance- 

In this introductory class new students will learn the basics of belly dance.  No dance experience is needed to begin.  Anyone can belly dance!  After the 6 week session students can repeat the intro class or decide which path of belly dance they would like to take.  See the registration calendar for dates, times and styles (Tribal Fusion or American Tribal Style (ATS)).  Students are welcome to repeat the intro class.
Some classes may overlap by 5 min for a sun salutation yoga meditation.


Mixed Level Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Technique and Combinations

We will begin each class with belly dance drills and build into combinations and layering.  Progressive students will have additional layering, tempo and muscle awareness options to advance their technique.  Excellent for current students of any level looking for new combinations and drills to increase strength, endurance and balance. Students can progress at their own pace.
Some classes may overlap by 5 min for a sun salutation yoga meditation.

Prerequisite- 6 week introductory tribal fusion belly dance class or permission of instructor

It is recommended that students take at least two rounds of the technique and advanced combinations classes to ensure muscle memory and gain a strong foundation in tribal fusion belly dance.


American Tribal Style (ATS) Belly Dance- 

American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance, the mother of American belly dance!  Join us in learning all about ATS group improvisational dance.  Moves/combinations and zills are taught in a continuous, “rehearsal” style intermediate-advanced class.  You may join the class at any time during a session.  Intro to ATS classes are offered throughout the year.  It is recommended that students take the Intro to ATS class prior to joining the advanced rehearsal style class.  Additional moves will be taught as students progress and show interest in advanced combinations.
Students are required to have zills (a limited number of loaner zills will be available).
Some classes may overlap by 5 min for a sun salutation yoga meditation.

Prerequisite- 6 week introductory ATS belly dance class or permission from instructor


Drills and Zills!-

Periodically there will be an open class night for students to come in where we will work on whatever technique, combinations or skills your heart desires.


Rotational Series

The rotational series will cover extended drills, additional technique, improvisational tribal style, advanced combinations, cardio belly dance, prop work and more!  An excellent class for those looking for more time dancing, special skills or a more energetic and advanced session.  Sometimes the rotational series will be combined with other class time to create a special series, choreography or workshop.

Prerequisite- 6 week introductory belly dance class or permission of instructor


Choreography or Special Series

Beginner/intermediate choreography class or special series class.
All students that are interested in performing will have opportunities throughout the year.  Performing is not required to take a choreography class.

Prerequisite- 6 week introductory belly dance class or permission of instructor

Do not perform Karsilama Tribal Belly Dance choreographies without express written permission.


Private Lessons

Any student can request private lessons in beginner, intermediate or advanced belly dance, prop work or a personalized choreography (additional fee for choreography composition).  $50 per hour for 1 student plus studio fee (or you can provide a dance space).  Ask about pricing for group private classes.



Check the events page, class registration page or Karsilama Facebook page for information on upcoming belly dance workshops.  You can also request a workshop.



Just so you know, a little class info…

New students should arrive early to fill out the registration form and sign the waiver.  

Drop-ins are limited to two classes per session.  After two drop-ins the student will be required to pay the remainder of the session fee to continue participating in the class.

Students should be at least 13 years of age to participate and understand that this is an adult class.  Students under 18 must have a parent or guardian present during all non-class activities (performances, etc.).

Please wear comfortable workout style clothing and bring a bottle of water.

Bare feet is preferred for dancing but not required.  However, we do not allow dancing in socks to prevent slipping and falling.  There are various slippers that can be purchased online that are excellent for dancing, including lyrical sandals and toekinis.

We ask that students respect the space, their teachers, and their fellow classmates. We reserve the right to refuse classes to anyone.
Fees are non-refundable.

Buckman Performing Arts Center (60 Perkins Extd)-
Buckman Performing Arts is the large building on the corner of Perkins and Walnut Grove.  Enter through the doors under the large drive through awning.  The studio is just inside on the right.  Additional parking can be found in the upper back parking lot.
The doors at the Buckman will open 10 minutes prior to the start of class and will lock 10 minutes after the start of class.  This is an automated system for your safety set up by the Buckman Arts Center.

First Congregational Church (1000 Cooper St)-
Please park in the back of the church off Blythe St. near the playground.  Enter through the door under the covered awning next to the playground.  A door code is required for entry.

Payments accepted:
Check (made to Karsilama Tribal Belly Dance)
Paypal (fee applies, please email for invoice)