The rotational series will cover extended drills, additional technique, improvisational tribal style, advanced combinations, cardio belly dance, prop work and more!  An excellent class for those looking for more time dancing, special skills or a more energetic and advanced session.  Sometimes the rotational series will be combined with other class time to create a special series, choreography or workshop.

If you have a suggestion for a rotational set please let me know.  I’m always interested in new ideas.

Rotational Series Schedule 2017

January- Choreography combined class

February- Rehearsal Tuesdays 8:45pm; Wednesdays 8:00pm


Rotational Series Schedule 2016

July- Belly Dance Drills

August- Cardio Belly Dance

September- Belly Dance Drills

October- Improvisational Tribal Style (some belly dance experience recommended)

November- Improvisational Tribal Style continued

December- Special Workshop combined class only